Technology is a very important point in the process of creating a product ideally suited to your needs, which is the self-supporting mezzanine structure.
In order to meet the trust that you place in us by entrusting us with the design and implementation of a convenient storage system for you, we use a proprietary, flexible production system based on modern machinery and innovative technologies.

The journey through the process of creating a mezzanine or a warehouse platform should begin with diagnosing a logistic problem, the solution of which is our goal. On the way of mutual cooperation, we try to define your expectations and main needs in order to ultimately be able to guarantee a satisfactory solution. The Project Manager being at your disposal is responsible for the entire project and it is the person who ensures the flow of information between your organization and our design office, the production department and assembly teams. Professionalism and qualifications, as well as high competences in the profession, are indispensable elements of engineering art, which is to a large extent decisive to the success of the project. Despite the fact that the design is created in our design office, including the necessary static and strength calculations, you have access to its full documentation and the possibility of modifying it through consultation with the Project Manager. Our priority is to develop the most functional solution for you.

The basic value of the technological process is its input material of appropriate quality - galvanized sheet, from which profiles are cold formed. A very important parameter, which we pay particular attention to, is the yield point, which largely determines the later strength of the mezzanine. Through many years of experience, all technological operations, such as: cutting, drilling, stamping or welding, have been refined and optimized to ensure the highest efficiency and continuity of the process. It plays a key role in ensuring the repeatability of the manufactured components. The flexibility of this system allows us to implement the most creative ideas, developed in response to the Customer expectations, and to constantly improve each stage of the mezzanine.

In order to provide you with the highest level of service, we are always responsible for the entire project: starting from creating the concept and designing, through the manufacturing process, ending with the assembly of the mezzanine, which is delivered in the form of ready-made components. Our fitters are qualified staff who, for years, have been in contact with structural elements that are part of the warehouse infrastructure. This experience allows them to solve even the difficult installation problems that accompany the assembly work time and time again. The main advantage of the mezzanine is that it is easy to disassemble and assemble it elsewhere, which we also try to anticipate, bearing in mind the changing time-to-time nature of an office or warehouse.